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Aug 29, 2018

Hoard, the cryptocurrency wallet, exchange, and payments app that’s simplifying blockchain for everyone.

Hoard is a design-driven blockchain-based company that is integrating investments across cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies for a seamless investing experience. The company was started by a former senior UX designer from Wells Fargo and an AI veteran from the US Department of Defense.

The platform is focused on simplifying the way that everyday consumers can invest and spend their money – whether it’s in Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Fiat – to reinvent the way people bank. CEO Jason Davis and CTO Dan Lipert are seeking to introduce a technology that the world can adapt to, by first enabling individuals to adopt to it.

They have set out to develop a platform and supporting mobile applications to simplify the complexities of cryptocurrency and to tear down barriers of entry so that even your grandma can understand it.

On today's tech podcast, I chat with Hoard CEO Jason Davis to learn more about the Hoard platform and how they plan to break down the complexities of cryptocurrency, launch plans and more.