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Mar 27, 2019

Ansira recently announced that the company has earned three product Specializations as part of the Adobe Solution Partner Program, highlighting our work with Adobe Experience Cloud, including Adobe Analytics, Adobe Experience Manager and Adobe Campaign.

Adobe awards Specialization badges to Solution Partners who have certified technical proficiency and validated customer success in specialized solution areas. This development follows Ansira's recent promotion, in December 2018, to Business-level partner in the Adobe Solution Partner Program, and distinguishes the company's knowledge and expertise in a competitive market.

Ansira is a marketing technology and services firm that helps brands orchestrate, personalize and contextualize customer engagements to drive business results. Ansira's experienced marketing practitioners design, implement and manage a unique combination of industry-recognized solutions in customer-relationship management (CRM) and loyalty, through-channel marketing automation (TCMA), and national and local media designed specifically for the brand-to-local ecosystem.

With more than 850 employees globally, Ansira supports more than 150 brands in varied verticals, including automotive, business services, consumer packaged goods (CPG), hospitality, restaurants, retail, and technology. In 2019, Ansira commemorates its 100-year anniversary as an innovative and evolutionary marketing and services firm.

Ansira Chief CRM and MarTech Officer Kelly Jo Sands and SVP of Marketing Technology Sukumar Muthya join me at the Adobe Summit to discuss creative data-driven marketing strategies and their use cases for Ansira’s clients.

We also discuss the strategic solutions they offer clients, like Chili’s, Subaru and Panera, plus the utilization of big-data, AI and bots in marketing.