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Jun 24, 2019

Tracy Stanley is a social scientist with expertise across creativity, intrapreneurship, employee engagement, and organizational change. Her focus is on helping organizations build great places to work where creativity and innovation flourish and workers are highly engaged. She has also spent some time as an innovation consultant at Cisco and many big tech companies.

Tracy joins me on my daily tech podcast to learn more about her story and creating a culture of innovation.


Tracy loved the adventures of The Secret Seven as a child: a small troupe solving mysteries together, often on their bicycles. Their exploits inspired her career in foreign lands and interest in what makes a great team.

Today, Tracy is a Social Scientist with expertise in employee engagement, organisational change, knowledge management and intrapreneurship.  She has lived and worked in Asia and Europe in addition to her native Australia undertaking a range of senior human resource management and consulting roles.  

Organisations are complex places and Tracy is keen to help leaders create work environments where creativity flourishes and workers are engaged.  She knows there are many things that everyone inside an organisation can do to build a workplace where it’s great to show up every day.

Since completing her PhD which investigated the characteristics in the work environment most contributing to employee engagement and creative behaviours, she has written two books. The first book Engagement Whisperer: A quieter and more collaborative approach to inspiring your team outlines a ‘softly, softly’ approach to lifting engagement. Her most recent book Creativity Cycling: Help your team solve complex problems with creative tools was co-written with creativity expert Barbara Wilson. This book describes how Barbara and Tracy have helped others solve complex problems and reimagine the future.

Transferable skills: Thinking differently. Selling the value of change. Delivering inspiring presentations. Curiosity, creativity and tenacity. Riding bicycles.