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Aug 28, 2019

After nearly 1000 interviews, with some fantastic guests including household names such as Gary Vaynerchuk, William Shatner, Wendy Williams, as well as tech giants like Microsoft, Sony, Adobe, Lenovo, and IBM, and even sports teams, Real Madrid and Manchester United, it's clear that we've created a bit of a monster here.

After four years of hosting the Tech Blog Writer podcast, I am making a brave decision to rename the show to the "Tech Talks Daily Podcast." Both the show and the community we have created together has evolved into something much bigger than I had originally anticipated.

On the podcast, I always talk about how every business must leverage technology and continuously evolve. So I figured maybe I need to do that myself too. But before doing it, I just wanted to grab you all for a quick chat, a regrouping and see just how far we've come in in the last four years together since I first won the LinkedIn Top Voice award back in 2015.

I also wanted to move the show away from being about me the Tech Blog Writer and more about how business leaders, startup founders, and the audience are all leveraging technology to change their world. It's also about sharing these stories so we can all learn from each other. Welcome to Tech Talks Daily.

In today's catchup solo show, I invite anyone attending IFA 2019 next week to meet up with me for a chat. I also talk about potential giveaway ideas for listeners when we celebrate 1,000 interviews.