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Jan 31, 2023

Abnormal Security is revolutionizing cloud email security with its behavioral AI-based platform. Using machine learning, the platform detects and stops sophisticated inbound email attacks and dangerous email platform attacks that traditional solutions often miss. The anomaly detection engine analyzes the risk of every cloud email event, preventing inbound email attacks, detecting compromised accounts, and remediating emails in milliseconds, all while providing visibility into configuration drifts across your environment.

The company has recently launched Security Posture Management, a product that monitors each entity for potentially risky configuration changes. This includes changes like the escalation of administrator privileges or the integration of new unverified applications with read-write access to mailboxes. When changes occur, Security Posture Management alerts administrators so they can understand the impact and take appropriate downstream action to protect their cloud email platform from insider threats or attacker infiltration.

CISO at Abnormal Security, Mike Britton, shares the company's mission to redefine cloud email security and protect against email platform attacks. Mike shares why he belives that with Abnormal Security, organizations can have peace of mind knowing their cloud email platform is protected from sophisticated attacks.