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Aug 27, 2021

Ansys is the leader in engineering simulation technology that provides a multiphysics simulation solution leveraging high-fidelity physics, spanning a scale from silicon to the city, which includes:

• Integrated chip package and system analysis.
• Signal, power and optical integrity.
• Antenna design, placement and integration.
• RFI, EMI/EMC and de-sense mitigation and full communication
analysis in electrically large and complex environments.
• Open environment delivery for optimization, simulation data and process management, workflow customization, access to cloud and high-performance capacity (HPC).
• Support of third-party integration for deployment across the enterprise.

Larry Williams, Director of Technology shares how Ansys provides comprehensive simulation technology that is helping automakers tackle autonomous vehicle production and safety challenges — without the need for expensive prototypes or countless hours of test driving.

In fact, autonomy in the automotive industry won’t happen in our lifetime without simulation technology. To that end, Larry shares more insight into the future of space, the benefits of these recent major advancements, what implications these have on the environment, infrastructure, and consumer trust, and the significant challenges the industry is up against.

I learn how Ansys works with over 45,000 customers worldwide and many of the biggest names in the automotive industry. We discuss how simulation can address the myriad challenges faced by those engineering the future of 5G, delivering a significant competitive advantage.