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Feb 24, 2018

Has an idea ever popped into your head for a great book or TV series? Did you quickly write down your concept or did you simply forget about it? Ashley Boolell went a step further and used technology to turn his idea into a novel.

I invited him onto the show today to tell us more about his book and what could potentially happen when you combine the dark net and LinkedIn. But more than anything, I wanted to find out more about his creative process and how he was able to write, publish and market his own novel 'Killed In'

About the book

'Killed In' is a thriller that was inspired from the Dark Web and LinkedIn, one of the biggest social media platforms present on the world wide web. The main character of the story is a frustrated and alienated barista called Chris Kord. His failure to succeed in conventional society leads him to the Dark Web, where he seeks the recognition that he desperately craves.

Chris creates an underground online platform, called Oblivion, designed solely for criminals. His project is a success but he fails to understand the forces that he is dealing with. Angered by an unruly customer at his coffee shop, he unleashes one of the most dangerous criminal gangs of the platform against the offender, believing that this will not go beyond intimidation. Unfortunately for Chris Kord, it ends up as a horrific murder.

Unable to cope, he tries to run away from the the world that he has created. But Oblivion has other ideas and won't let him escape.