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Aug 31, 2021

The CFO role has been emphasized more than ever over the last 15 months. While reducing fear and uncertainty amongst employees and investors has always been a part of the job description, it became a major focal point during the pandemic. This intense focus led to a complete transformation of the role of finance/the CFO within many organizations, elevating it from a purely technical position to become a strategist and change agent within the company.

Danielle Murcray, CFO at AttackIQ, shares firsthand how her role as a startup CFO has shifted to a far more strategic partnership with the CEO and the board. But while also playing an integral part in shaping the adoption of innovative technologies to aid in the security and prosperity of an increasingly distributed enterprise.

Danielle also shares why proving the value of cybersecurity investments has never been more critical, and how the CISO/CTO and CFO can work together to understand how effectively they’re detecting, alerting and blocking threats.