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Jan 28, 2021

Boson Protocol aims to change the world of commerce by enabling enterprises, organizations, and customers to bridge the divide between decentralized digital technologies and the transfer and trade of physical goods.

Creating the de facto infrastructure to achieve this with minimized arbitration, cost, and trust, Boson Protocol is taking eCommerce to the next level with use cases including; loyalty and rewards, crypto exchanges, games, and tokenized networks, amongst others.

Leading the charge at Boson Protocol is serial entrepreneur Justin Banon. Justin previously spearheaded the Travel Experiences Division of Collinson, where he managed a group of global loyalty rewards platforms, including LoungeKey, Mastercard Airport Experiences, and Priority Pass. The latter of which he scaled twenty-fold from $50m to $1bn per annum revenue during his tenure.

Boson Protocol recently closed an oversubscribed SAFE fundraising round, which saw the investment of 8 Outlier Ventures partners, among other notable investors.

Justin shares how the use of eCommerce is compromised due to the industry's centralized, monopolistic nature. We also discuss exactly what 'dCommerce' is and how a decentralized approach to eCommerce can allow parties to engage in online commercial activity in a trusted, safe and fair environment.