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Apr 30, 2022

Canopy Servicing offers a flexible infrastructure to build and launch next-gen credit, debit, and lending products and support them with world-class service in a secure and compliant way. Canopy’s API-first loan management and servicing platform enable small Fintechs and large enterprises to quickly bring differentiated products to market.

Its clients offer revolving credit, debit, and installment loans, including fixed-rate, mixed-rate, and differed with customized interest rates, promotions, billing cycles, etc. But I wanted to learn more about its flexible and immutable ledger technology and how it makes it possible to apply policies on a per-account level, empower customer service agents with real-time account information, automate dispute processing, and retroactively reprocess accounts, re-calculate interest, and apply for payments.

Matt Bivons, Founder & CEO at Canopy, discusses how embedded finance is the fault line for the future of the fintech industry, and finding true market fit will lead to the next evolution of innovation. We also discuss why the fintech industry should embrace transparency and how credit providers can make alternative credit options safer for consumers (Buy Now, Pay Later).