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Apr 28, 2021

Luca Rossettini is the CEO and founder of Italy-based D-Orbit, the global market leader in the space logistics and transportation services industry with a track record of space-proven technologies, successful missions, and customer outcomes.

The company is committed to helping companies profitably and sustainably maximize the opportunities to do business in space today and into the future. Having developed proprietary space logistics technology and transportation solutions, they are accelerating the growth and development of a trillion-dollar space economy, including human expansion into space.

With an incremental strategic approach to the space marketplace, D-Orbit is delivering successful customer outcomes today while developing advanced products and services for the needs of tomorrow. In today's episode, I learn how D-Orbit has successfully flown 44 payloads into space.

We discuss how just as companies on Earth depend on logistics providers, the future of space (including satellites, human expansion, etc.) will also require logistics companies. D-Orbit is the first company to address these needs. This could include satellite life extension, active debris removal, interplanetary logistics, and more.

About Luca Rossettini

Luca Rossettini is CEO and founder of D-Orbit, Expert at the Space Advisory Group of the European Commission, Board member of AIPAS (space SME industrial association), Board member of Confindustria Florence, and corresponding member of International Academy of Astronautics (IAA). He is an aerospace engineer with a Ph.D. in advanced space propulsion, awarded with honors by Politecnico di Milano. He holds a Master in Strategic Leadership Towards Sustainability and a Certificate in Technology Entrepreneurship from Santa Clara University, California.