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Apr 29, 2020

Rich Penkoski is a principal and deputy CEO—Markets for Deloitte Consulting LLP, responsible for defining and delivering the industry-specific insights and solutions clients need to solve their most complex business challenges. He also serves on the Deloitte Consulting Executive and Management Committees, the Deloitte USA Board of Directors and as chairman of the Board, Deloitte Consulting Management GmbH & Co. KG.

Rich has led many of Deloitte’s largest Finance and IT-enabled transformation programs and has served many of Deloitte Consulting’s most significant clients across Financial Services, Retail, and Consumer Products. He believes that measurable and sustainable value is only achieved when strategy, implementation, and ongoing operations are delivered through a combination of business acumen, technical excellence, and extensive industry depth.

Though we often hear about the value and importance of digital transformation—who exactly should be driving these efforts within an organization? The Chief Technology or Information Officers are usually top of mind, but the Chief Financial Officer is equally as influential. I invited Rich onto the podcast to discuss how CFOs are leading the way as key players and incubators of digital transformation.

Rich also shares his experience in leading many of Deloitte’s largest financial—and information technology-based digital transformations, and I learn how CFOs and the wider C-Suite can collaborate to drive successful digital transformation efforts.