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Sep 26, 2022

With the hyper digitalisation of business, electronic signatures have become a necessity. Contracts are a crucial element of every business; when overlooked, they can be detrimental, especially when renewal season comes around. And, as we feel the fallout of Brexit, businesses need to ensure their service agreements, employment contracts, etc., are all up to scratch, or it could mean lost revenue and costly legal penalties.

Ronan Copeland, Group Vice President & General Manager EMEA at DocuSign, joins me on Tech Talks Daily to discuss the present and future of digital identities. In addition, we explore how AI can be implemented to improve and augment workflows, freeing employees to focus on creative or strategic priorities.

We also discuss how paper contracts are not only outdated but dangerous and the value of AI and automation in the context of contract lifecycle management. But how implementing CLM and AI-driven tools could make a business more agile and impact a business's bottom line

As we look to the future, we talk about how many people now see automation and the integration of ML and AI into our daily working lives as the next frontier of the future of work. I learn how these technologies will reshape the way we work and how leaders are overcoming the fear factor when integrating AI in the workplace.