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Dec 28, 2020

Entersekt is an innovator of mobile-first fintech solutions. Financial services providers and other enterprises rely on its patented mobile identity system to provide both security and the best in convenient new digital experiences to their customers, irrespective of the service channel. Dewald Nolte, Chief Strategy Officer at Entersekt, joins me on the Tech Talks Daily podcast.

A recent Javelin report found that account takeover fraud is trending at the highest loss rate, up a staggering 72% over the prior year. Initially, AI-driven behavioral biometrics was used primarily to prevent this type of fraud. However, more recently, its application has expanded to identity proofing in light of the massive data breaches and enables risk-based authentication in payment apps.

According to Dewald, advances in AI will continue to drive even more capabilities, but its behavioral biometrics isn’t multifactor authentication – it must be combined with a robust digital-certificate-based ID to consumers’ devices.

When there is enough interaction in an existing user journey to allow behavioral analytics to seamlessly slot in and perform well, then it’s an ideal use case. In situations where user interaction and data are limited, it would be better to use other tools in the authentication stack rather than forcing a use case to adapt to a technology.