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Jan 29, 2020

Go Instore is a unique technology that closes the gap between the online and offline worlds. They appeared on my radar after reading how they partner with leading global brands, including Dyson, Porsche, Cartier, Marriott International, and Knight Frank.

Go Instore provides website customers shopping for high ticket and premium items with the opportunity to engage in a human-led one-to-one shopping experience, instantly connecting them to an intelligently matched instore product expert via HD live video.

As online shopping continues to grow in popularity for consumers, Go Instore is able to deliver the unrivalled customer experience previously only associated with a physical visit to a brand or retailers store, with the convenience and comfort of shopping online.

The ability to combine the huge visitor traffic potential of websites with the significantly greater conversion rates associated with visiting a store, dramatically increases purchasing and engagement amongst brands and retailers using the solution. Go Instore combines these two strongest assets from each channel to deliver a new, premium method for retailers and brands to engage and sell to their customers.

Go Instore is redefining the online shopping experience by adding a human touch to the digital world, rapidly marking itself as an invaluable asset to brands and retailers in this ‘new retail era’.

The consultative approach uses the strengths of your brand, people, and physical locations to deliver an enhanced customer experience, which increases sales and customer satisfaction.

Retail is not changing – it has changed. Ecommerce is not emerging – it is fully established as a means for retailers to sell to customers. However, this doesn’t mean that physical stores are redundant. In fact, 76% of all transactions still happen in the store. The challenge retailers are having is finding ways to account for the increasing costs of the stores, while meeting the preferences of their customers. - André Hordagoda

André Hordagoda CEO & Co-Founder, Go Instore, joins me on the Tech Talks Daily Podcast to talk about how they are humanizing customer experiences in the digital world.