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Jan 30, 2020

Try to imagine a scenario where you have an accident or are in a healthcare crisis and can't communicate. When you need it most, you cannot communicate with doctors, nurses, or other caregivers to share your wishes.

How do you ensure sure the right people are contacted no matter where they, or you, are? Want to be an organ donor, or perhaps not, and make sure your wishes are clear? Very often, a family member will be forced to make decisions on your behalf, but what if technology could ensure your voice is still heard should the unthinkable happen?

Selfie culture has become the norm in our world. Kim Kardashian West has published an entire book of selfies, and Ellen DeGeneres' Oscar selfie went viral in seconds. Jeff Zucker noted in his TEDx talk if we're going to use selfies to indulge every aspect of our lives, why not use them in ways meaningful to our health?

Jeff joins me on this daily tech podcast to explain how one can and should record videos of themselves, highlighting their health wishes in advanced healthcare planning.

"Nobody should have to live in fear that they'll have a health crisis and not have a voice in their care," said Jeff Zucker, ADVault's CEO. "As Jamie Dimon has said many times and every CEO here knows, the chaos and confusion that surrounds a health emergency, chronic disease, and elderly health crisis touches many people and directly impacts economic productivity. Recent advances in technology have made 2020 the year when person-centered care is a cost-saving reality."

Jeff Zucker is the CEO and Cofounder of MyDirectives®, the world's leading all-digital advance care planning platform that empowers users to create, store, update and share high-quality digital advance care plans, or upload a paper advance directive and portable medical order in case of a healthcare emergency.

This gives the person and their loved ones the assurance that their voices can be heard if they suffer a health care crisis and cannot communicate with doctors, nurses, or other caregivers.

MyDirectives works with personal health records and electronic medical record vendors, as well as healthcare providers and payers, to ensure that all information is securely available on-demand — whenever and wherever needed.