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Oct 30, 2017

Oblong Industries is experiencing significant growth in 2017 that is being driven by adoption of huddle room technology. Adobe, AirBus, Lockheed Martin and Workday are among the newest companies to invest in collaborations systems that support the future of work to enhance enterprise-wide productivity at the user level. A few other factors are helping driving this trend.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, by 2030 the Millennial generation will make up 75% of the workforce. Equally,
adoption of enterprise video conferencing will increase 400% by 2019 with huddle rooms growing YoY by 10% say Gartner. Welcome to the world of “Empowered offices” — in which workers can choose their conditions and can increase productivity on cognitive tasks by 25 percent.

There are also 45M+ huddle rooms in use globally, but the scale of technology investments are disproportionate to the current number of rooms in use. Oblong is helping companies equip huddle rooms with scalable tools that leverage the disruptive power of spatial-computing technology to help users simultaneously collaborate across multiple data streams in real-time.

“Our technology transforms the way you work, create, and collaborate. The era of one human, one mouse, one screen, one machine is giving way to what’s next: multiple participants, working in proximity and remotely, using a groundbreaking spatial interface to control applications and data spread across every display. This is what Oblong builds. It’s why I’m here.” – David Kung, Vice President, Product Strategy at Oblong Industries

David is responsible for Oblong’s product roadmap and strategy. Prior to Oblong, David served as VP, Creative Director at Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Online. At Creative Artists Agency, he specialized in emerging technology for clients including Coca-Cola, Sprint, and Hasbro. Previously, David developed enhanced television programs as a Disney Imagineer and was a design lead with Art Technology Group.