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Jan 31, 2018

Today's guest never seemed to know when classical concerts were taking place or where and it occurred to him that it would be useful to create ONE App that could let him know if a show is taking place within easy reach of his location. Rather than download separate apps for The Albert Hall in London and The Symphony Hall in Birmingham  he now has one App where all of the countries top venues and orchestras are playing,

The app is being featured on Classic FM a lot at the moment, but what captured my attention was how this one app is aiming to unite, music lovers, venues, performers, orchestras, and promoters

I invited Francis Hornak onto the show to learn how the Jubal App will prove beneficial to all parties involved by encouraging the selling of more tickets for concerts thereby benefitting the venues and artists. Jubal is also aiming to make it easier for music lovers know when shows are on so that they don't miss out on the opportunity of attending while also generating revenue for the employees of Jubal App website, its shareholders including the London Mozart Players.