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Dec 27, 2018

Insolar is building an open source enterprise-grade blockchain platform to enable seamless interactions between companies and unlock new growth opportunities powered by distributed trust. It creates cost efficiencies and new revenue streams, and powers transformative business models.

Essentially, Insolar is an enterprise-grade platform with architecture merging the best of cloud, blockchain and distributed technologies to introduce dozens of industry-first features. It is rapidly deployable and solves the fundamental challenges of current enterprise blockchains, including scalability, ease of use, and interoperability.

In addition to the blockchain platform, Insolar provides blockchain services and ecosystem support for companies that are looking to develop and deploy blockchain solutions. Insolar features the most complete and secure set of production-ready business blockchain tools and services to quickly build and launch blockchain enterprise applications, accelerating the progression path from initial proof-of-concept to full-scale production.

According to Cryptomiso, Insolar is ranked #1 among blockchain projects in development activity. It has one of the most impressive teams in the industry, located in Europe and North America, including 35 software engineers with industrial and blockchain skills, and 10 academic blockchain researchers from leading institutions (York University, ETH Zurich, Princeton).

I invited Andrey Zhulin onto my daily tech podcast to learn more about how this open source project has five diversified and proven revenue streams. Andrey Zhulin is a serial entrepreneur and investor. He previously co-founded Instamart, where he built an advanced, scalable technology platform and assembled a cutting-edge engineering team.

Before that, Andrey was VP at Siguler Guff, where he invested in technology companies in the US, Europe and China. He previously worked at Goldman Sachs in the Investment Banking division.