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Mar 28, 2019

The world is witnessing immensely disruptive and yet easy to adopt next-generation technologies. This disruption combined with consumer expectations for experience led engagement with “Brands”, is making enterprises rethink and transform their business models.

Digital Transformation is now real and mainstream - not just with retailers, financial institutions & consumer brand companies but even B2B industries like Manufacturing, Utilities, pharma and life sciences, telecom companies are leveraging AR/VR, AI & Machine Learning, IOT, Data and Analytics together with Experience Design to deliver new value chains to their consumers, partners and employees and also transforming business operations.

Business transformation is being discussed not in the board room but in the ideation rooms with Experience Designers (XD) and Technology architects together with business leaders. This transformation is as much cultural and organizational change than technology adoption.
How do organizations (countries and businesses) adapt to Human Centered- Digital Transformation? I explore this topic with Anand Birje, Global Head of Digital & Analytics, HCL Technologies, at the Adobe Summit.