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May 29, 2020

AT NexTech AR Solutions Corp they are developing a proprietary Augmented Reality (AR) advertising platform that uniquely engages consumers by connecting them to brands and retail locations through a fully immersive AR experience.

With a focus on their two core technologies, augmented reality and holographic telepresence, NexTech AR offers innovative solutions that can be harnessed across a wide range of industries. Harnessing these technologies allows us to bridge the physical and the digital worlds, pushing the boundaries of branded communication and user experience in a disruptive new way.

It is the first publicly traded augmented reality (AR) company (OTCQB: NEXCF /CSE: NTAR) and the fastest growing “pure-play” AR company. It is also the first to market with its patent-pending WebAR e-commerce 3D shopping solution.

The fourth transformation has begun. So I invited Evan Gappelberg CEO/Founder at NexTech AR Solutions to join me on Tech Talks Daily. Evan shares his startup story and the role serendipity has played in his success.

Finally, we talk about the recent acquisition of Jolokia, which is a virtual events webcasting live streaming software company. I learn how these combined companies make it possible to launch AR first Virtual conferences