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Jul 31, 2020

Extended Threat Detection and Response (XDR) is an emerging hot category that I wanted to learn more about. My curiosity led me to Hunters.AI, which is the first autonomous threat hunting solution. It's a pure-play vendor-agnostic XDR startup noted in the Gartner report. For CrowdStrike users, Hunters extends threat detection beyond the endpoint and enables XDR capabilities.

Hunters.AI generates and delivers actionable visualized attack stories allowing organizations to more quickly and effectively identify, understand, and respond to attacks. Uri May Co-Founder & CEO, Hunters, reveals how XDR has emerged as the next-gen successor to EDR and SIEM solutions. He also shares why it's different and what it brings to the IT security stack.

On the subject of missed signals, I learn how XDR finds legitimate threats while filtering out the noise and why a vendor-agnostic approach is essential to success. Finally, we discuss how Hunters grants XDR capabilities using AI for autonomous threat hunting.