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Oct 30, 2019

ImagineBC is a collaborative project built by entrepreneurs, tech enthusiasts, and dreamers. Their goal is to create an online community where you can regain control of your data and discover new ways to monetize your own personal information.

In a world where big tech is making money off your data, they want to give you – the individual – the advantage. With ImagineBC, you own all your data. Everything is stored securely, and you're the only one with the key to access it.

Through blockchain technology, they aim to be as transparent as possible about how they make money. ImagineBC earns a 10% fee from each completed transaction. I invited Erik Rind onto my daily tech podcast to share the story behind ImagineBC. I learn more about how he launched ImagineBC with a simple rallying cry that can resonate with a global audience.

"The status quo says it's okay that Facebook and Google profit from your data. We say that money should go in your pocket." Additionally, a recent eSecurity Planet article reported that over 95% of American internet users are concerned with companies collecting and selling their personal information without their consent.

ImagineBC was conceived as a result of this growing outcry from individuals seeking to regain control of their online data from companies who have long profited from it.

We discuss how using both blockchain and AI/ML technologies, ImagineBC wants to remedy this crisis by providing a secure platform within a mobile app to store one's data. We also talk about opportunities to monetize one's data, as well as offer efficient alternative methods of advertising for businesses who wish to join the community.