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Aug 28, 2021

Shant Kevonian is Chief Operating Officer of Olyseum — the star-led, virtual social engagement platform for fans and brands to trade and rent experiential Non-fungible Tokens (xNFTs). As COO, Shant works closely with Olyseum CEO Carlos Grenoir in directing the company's growth strategy while overseeing the business's day-to-day administrative and operational functions.

During his distinguished career, Shant has excelled at creating proprietary algorithms and solutions geared towards scaling early and medium stage enterprises.

Shant has demonstrated exceptional analytical, managerial, and technical acumen across several C-suite positions, including CTO of — a marketplace for eco-conscious brands and sustainable products — and CTO of — the carbon-neutral cosmetics brand and genesis platform that would subsequently launch

An entrepreneur in his own right, Shant founded in 2018 — a fully integrated marketplace and live video-streaming platform delivering a dynamic video-shopping experience to consumers, providing a competitive alternative to Twitch and Amazon. Before this, Shant served as Head of R&D at Pippa&Jean — a social selling community geared towards empowering 100,000 women to start their own business and CTO of Deliverea — a cloud shipping management service that manages the logistics of users' e-commerce platforms.

Shant is passionate about driving fan engagement forward through NFT and crypto innovations while leveraging technology as a force for good.