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Aug 10, 2020

25% of the Fortune 50 trust Samasource to deliver secure, high-quality training data and validation for the technology teams driving humanity forward. From self-driving cars to smart hardware, Samasource fuels AI. But I wanted to learn more about the story behind this tech success story.

Founded over a decade ago, its teams are regarded as experts in image, video, sensor data annotation and validation for machine learning algorithms in industries including automotive, navigation, AR/VR, biotech, agriculture, manufacturing, and e-commerce. Their staff are driven by a mission to expand opportunities for low-income people through the digital economy. Their social business model has helped over 50,000 people lift themselves out of poverty

Here in 2020, the pandemic is affecting every tech sector - including AI. But what exactly have been the effects on AI so far? How will companies in this field be impacted in the long-run? Do they need to pivot their business models? These are just a few topics Wendy Gonzalez, President and Interim CEO of Samasource discusses with me.

As the leading training data company fueling Silicon Valley’s AI, Samasource has seen firsthand how the pandemic has affected the entire industry. Given Samasource’s vertical expertise, Wendy takes a deep dive into how the autonomous vehicle and virtual reality industries are being impacted.

We discuss how AI/ML companies are pivoting business models to adapt to new times and how they are using AI to fight against COVID-19. We also discuss how this pandemic will change the investments made into AI and what AI leaders need to prioritize right now to be successful post-pandemic