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Sep 27, 2020

My guest, Max Kirby is one of the thought-leaders in Digital Identity and Data Privacy, he leads Cloud Solutions at Publicis Groupe - that’s one of the big players in the agency world - and he is helping his clients adapt to new technologies and data privacy laws as they come out. He’s also a big believer in the next phase of the internet: the decentralized web.

Max is an expert in Digital Identity, or who we “are” on the web. He speaks from his philosophy background and technology career to help make this complex topic simple. Advancements in technology are leaving everything else to catch up, and it can be messy and difficult to understand. The proliferation of sensors, biometrics (soon to be bionics), public cloud and AI are creating new gaps in our laws and political lives and shifting our moral principles along with who we are.

Abstracting the underlying essence of technological concepts, Max helps the layperson understand advances in technology and how our principles might change as technology progresses. Max spends his professional days working with the internet giants (Google, Amazon, Microsoft) and platforms to better his client’s strategies and help them become modern, customer-centric organizations.

Max’s optimistic passion comes through his explanations of how technology can advance business and politics without compromising what makes us human. His areas of expertise cover the growth and meaning of cloud computing, the opportunities and perils of using personal data, and the next frontier of the internet: the Decentralized Web.