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Oct 29, 2020

Martin McKay founded Belfast-based Texthelp, an international education technology company in 1996, to help people with communication difficulties. Its products are used in both the education and corporate sectors by 29.7 million people across North America, Europe, and Australia.

Martin has tracked the industry through decades of change. EdTech started as a tool for those with special educational needs or learning a second language. But now remote learning strategies are commonplace due to coronavirus school closures. He also has an inspirational story to share too.

Given the rise in interest and demand in EdTech – particularly amidst COVID-19, Martin discusses the evolution of EdTech and how the landscape is different across the different territories, and what the future holds.

We also explore the evolution of EdTech over the past few decades, the real benefit of EdTech for the broader education industry, the challenges EdTech faces, and how the usage of EdTech has been implemented around the pandemic.