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Oct 30, 2020

ThousandEyes is a real-time map of the Internet. Companies that rely on the Internet rely on ThousandEyes for instant visibility into what's breaking, where. The company delivers visibility into digital experiences delivered over the Internet and has been dubbed the "X-Ray machine of the Internet."

The world's largest companies rely on the platform, collective intelligence, and smart monitoring agents to get a real-time map of how their customers and employees reach and experience critical apps and services across traditional, SD-WAN, Internet, and cloud provider networks.

ThousandEyes is used by some of the world's largest brands, such as Microsoft, Slack, and Twitter. It also works with 8 of the 10 top global software companies, 20 of the 25 leading SaaS, 6 of the 7 top US banks, 80+ of the Fortune 500, and 150+ of the Global 2000.

Yogi Chandiramani, VP of Solutions Engineering, shares how they help their clients understand how the Internet and networks work worldwide, solving connection complexities from global networks to users. We discuss how the Internet really works and why its infrastructure is not ready for modern cloud technologies.

We also talk about how COVID has affected networks around the globe and what to expect from the future of the web.