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Aug 9, 2020

We live in a time where busyness is a badge of honor. Time off can seem like a forgotten or even despised concept. Although this is a tech show, as it's Sunday, I wanted to explore how time off and leisure will be the essential skills and competitive advantage that keep you happy and unique.

Many are working from home for the first time. It can be challenging to find work/life balance. Taking time off isn't about extravagant vacations; it is about finding small ways to take breaks throughout the day. Today's guest is Max Frenzel. He is an AI researcher, digital creative, coffee lover, writer, beatmaker, and Co-author of Time Off, a book about finding success without the stress.

Many of the greatest minds in history knew about the importance of time off. But this is not an outdated concept. Even though most of us seem to have forgotten about it, time off is just as applicable (and essential) now than ever. Today, people who are recognizing this ancient wisdom are reaping tremendous benefits from it.