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Mar 27, 2021

In today's episode, I want to learn more about the role mobility plays in enabling employees to be productive as the nature of work continues to evolve given the pandemic. Joseph Boyle is a listener of the show and also CEO of Truce software and is the perfect person to talk discuss these topics.

Truce provides a contextual mobile device management (CMDM) platform so businesses can ensure safe and appropriate device use by employees at work. In February new research gauged workforce sentiment on whether employees believe mobile devices enable or inhibit productivity at work.

It also looked at how workers' views of mobility have shifted over the past year due to the pandemic evolving the nature of work for many (e.g. fewer people going into physical offices, as one example) and whether they believe increased usage is leading to more blurred lines between work and personal lives.

They found, for example, that 62% of respondents said they agree mobile phones or tablets play a key role in helping them be productive at work. Over a third said their mobile device usage at work has increased more or significantly more than a year ago. Another interesting finding: 56% of those surveyed believe it's their right to use their personal device on the job.