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Feb 28, 2021

The ability to make informed decisions based on data and insights is the future of decision-making. Business intelligence has been making waves throughout organizations because it provides useful information and data that allows executives to make decisions for the good of their business.

Organizations are increasingly using new generation decision intelligence tools to get a more accurate and efficient view of their growing volumes of data. However, the implementation of decision intelligence can further bolster these insights, leading to more context (from both customers and operations) and overall better decision-making by executives.

With all this in mind, I have invited Imam Hoque, Chief Product Officer at Quantexa, on the podcast today to discuss the value that decision intelligence can provide and why relevant and timely context is essential to business success.

More than a decade ago, Quantexa founders pioneered network analytics. Now, they’ve combined the same innovative approach with the latest data and analytics technology to help organizations identify and connect the relationships that matter the most to empower better operational decisions.

Imam has more than 31 years’ experience in the IT industry and pioneered Quantexa’s network analytics, saving billions of pounds in fraud and financial crime across government, banking, and insurance. He led Quantexa through two rounds of funding and is responsible for driving Quantexa’s strategy to expand into new sectors and propositions, including business development and credit risk.

As an expert in AI, Imam empowers organizations to drive decision intelligence using new technologies.