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Mar 28, 2021

If I were to ask you, what does ROKU mean to you? I imagine you would immediately think of streaming players and smart TV apps. But did you know that Roku also works with 90% of the Ad Age top 200 advertisers?

In 2020 Roku introduced OneView- the ad buying platform built for TV streaming – to the market. OneView reaches the most cord cutters of any ad platform and bring identity and viewing data from America’s #1 streaming platform. OneView’s device graph covers an estimated 4 in 5 homes in America. Even if an advertiser doesn’t want to buy ads through OneView, they can still add their existing deals into OneView to improve targeting, avoid ad collision, measure deduplicated reach, and more.

Louqman Parampath joins me on Tech Talks Daily to discuss the background on OneView Roku's Ad Platform built for TV streaming. I learn more about the impact of COVID on the TV/ad industry and the importance of first-party data in advertising. We also talk about how streaming uniquely positioned to help advertisers reach their goals, the future of programmatic in streaming and it streaming is changing the ad funnel.