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May 28, 2023

Today, I'm diving into the complex and increasingly important realm of financial crime. To guide us through this labyrinth, I am joined by an industry veteran and dedicated crime fighter, Taavi Tamkivi.

As the Co-Founder and CEO of Salv, Taavi Tamkivi brings decades of experience in fraud, revenue assurance, and consumer analytics. Prior to founding Salv, he led the AML, Fraud, and KYC teams at distinguished companies such as TransferWise and Skype. However, despite his significant contributions, Taavi felt the vast financial crime expended a more collaborative and holistic approach. This inspired him to establish Salv, a company focused on innovative, cooperative methods of combating financial crime.

At Salv, Taavi is pioneering Europe's first collaborative crime-fighting network, creating a new front line in the battle against financial crime. Today, we'll delve into the emerging threats of financial crime, financial institutions' difficulties in combating it, and how collaboration is key to turning the tide.

As we conclude our insightful dialogue with Taavi Tamkivi, we're left with a deeper understanding of the complex landscape of financial crime. His insights into detection, prevention, and the power of collaboration in the fight against crime are invaluable in this rapidly evolving sector.