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Dec 14, 2020

Shadow was created in 2015 to design and develop the PC of the future, with a simple vision: free users from physical hardware constraints by giving them access to a powerful, cloud-based computer. A high-performance PC based entirely in the Cloud, this ground-breaking service provides access to a fully-featured high-end Windows 10 computer via any internet-enabled device, including a laptop, tablet, and smartphone.

Free from hardware failures in their highly secure and local data centers, Shadow targets one of the most demanding types of PC users: gamers. Their goal is to meet gamers’ expectations as proof that their technology can be adapted to virtually every PC need and usage. Shadow employs a team of passionate, highly skilled developers, as well as experts in business, law, marketing and distribution, and gaming.

I invited Shadow CEO Mike Fischer onto the Tech Talks Daily Podcast to learn more about the tech that makes it all possible.

Mike is a leader in interactive entertainment, including executive positions at Amazon and Microsoft, CEO of game publisher Square Enix America (Final Fantasy, Tomb Raider) and head of publishing at Epic Games (Fortnite).

I learn how all the user needs is an internet connection. No more hardware FOMO; no more worrying about having to update security software; no more worrying about software updates–Shadow does all this for you. And, if you’re socially conscious, this produces less e-waste for the environment.