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Jul 17, 2020

George Arison shares how he saw Uber coming before Uber did. In 2007, he co-founded Taxi Magic, which today books millions of yearly rides with service in 50 US cities. Prior to working in technology, George ran a parliamentary campaign for a leading opposition party in his native country of Georgia and published a book titled Democracy and Autocracy in Eurasia.

Here in 2020 he is the co-founder of Shift, an online marketplace disrupting the used car industry. George immigrated from Eurasia to the United States as a teenager and no sooner began his career as a project manager for Google before going on to co-found the first on-demand mobile transportation booking technology, Taxi Magic (now known as Curb), two years before Uber was even created.

I learn more about how Shift is an e-commerce startup on a mission to change the car-buying and selling industry. George shares his goal to transform the burdensome life event into a delightful experience, bringing trust and simplicity to the peer-to-peer used car market.

Shift is the new way to buy and sell cars: on your terms, at your door. Backed by leading Silicon Valley investors and poised for enormous growth, thy bring together cutting-edge technology and dedicated people to create an unparalleled experience for both buyers and sellers.

George is an incredible innovator and businessman with an inspirational tech startup story to share.