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Mar 15, 2021

Order-to-cash is often neglected, but there are clear benefits to digitizing this process – you can increase efficiency, adopt remote working, and optimize cash management and working capital. Artificial Intelligence is no longer confined to science fiction; finance professionals are already using AI in their daily lives to automate processes successfully and increase efficiency.

As technology gets smarter, a company called Sidetrade is leading this digital revolution. For 21 years, Sidetrade has pioneered O2C automation technology. Their innovative use of AI, intelligent automation, and collaboration technologies can help companies accelerate cash flow, reduce bad debt, resolve disputes quicker and optimize working capital.

This week, CFOs and senior leaders from top global organizations are gathering online to attend Sidetrade's 2-day virtual summit on 15th – 16th March. Before hitting the stage, I sat down with Sidetrade CPO Rob Harvey to discuss what new innovative digital  technologies can help streamline the O2C process.

Sign up for the virtual sessions at the summit of your choice and explore ways in which you can leverage the challenges of the current environment in order to accelerate cash generation.