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Aug 30, 2020

Vintro Makes It Easy to Pitch Global Business Leaders Looking to connect with a venture capitalist, founder, Fortune 500 CEO, or Nobel Prize winner? On Vintro, you get guaranteed attention and insights from leaders who can elevate your business. I felt compelled to learn more about the inspirational story behind the company.

Noor Sugrue, the founder of Vintro and founded the company while she was in high school. I invited her onto Tech Talks Daily to learn more about how the platform is democratizing access to level the playing field for entrepreneurs and help as many new businesses succeed.

Noor Sugrue grew up in an entrepreneurial family. From a young age, she saw the struggles it took to launch and grow businesses, from endless travel to vast chunks of time spent trying to connect with the right person to get feedback, pitch ideas, and build partnerships.

Noor founded Vintro in late 2017 after watching an episode of Shark Tank, the US version of Dragon's Den. She became fascinated by what happens to the thousands of businesses that don't get selected to be part of the TV program, let alone secure the investment of a' Shark.'

Today, Noor is about to start her second year at the University of Chicago and aims to combine her studies with running the Vintro platform. Noor says: "Great ideas can come from anyone, anywhere in the world. But an idea dies without the right resources.

Now everyone can have guaranteed direct access and engagement from the world's most important leaders. They always said it was about 'who you know' as much as 'what you know' - we didn't think that was fair - so we fixed it."