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Oct 13, 2019

In our featured partner series of Citrix Ready podcasts, we explore the technology integrations that Citrix has with its partners. In this series, I invite guests from Citrix and their partners to spend some time with me to share how they are solving real-world problems for businesses. Not on their own but by working together.

Today, I learn how Citrix, Stratodesk and NComputing created an alliance to create an alliance that brings truly differentiated solutions to the market. I also learn more about NComputing's long history with Citrix and their expertise in developing & delivering thin client solutions. I'm also excited to learn why they picked the Raspberry Pi platform to enhanced their thin client portfolio.

As a leading partner to the Citrix Workspace Hub program, today's guests share a few success stories around about customers adopting the Citrix Workspace Hub solution. We also learn about their challenges and how the solution benefits them. Finally, we get a Sneak peek on what is next for NComputing's Workspace Hub solution.

Roger Cao is responsible for strategy, vision and engineering management of Citrix innovations in workspace transformation, workflow automation and AR/VR. Combining advanced analytics, AI and IoT capabilities for data driven context and user experience to create the most advanced cloud for powering company's digital workspaces.

Hernan Contreras is an experienced sales professional with more than 15 years' experience selling software, computer hardware, and networking solutions. Hernan feels privileged to disrupt the VDI marketplace with top of line OS enabling their customers to make business decisions which best fit their organizations.

Stratodesk breaks the chains of hardware manufacturers by allowing you to centrally automate your endpoint management no matter what vendor of endpoint devices you have including Raspberry Pi!

Rich Severson is a seasoned Thin Client industry veteran. As a senior solutions engineer, he plays a key role in driving Stratodesk's continued global growth. This includes expanding core business and our growing workspace IoT offering.

This is not the first time that Rich has played a pivotal part in transforming the future of a company. In his previous role at NComputing, he helped the Thin Client manufacturing leader and Stratodesk partner become the globally recognized brand that it is today.

Richard Sah is the Chief Technology Officer at NComputing and leads the planning & development of product portfolios and new technology initiatives.

Richard brings over 20 years of product management, marketing, engineering & development experience in technology, and is passionate about creating new innovative solutions to transform the cloud computing era. Richard also an has extensive hands-on experience ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies and has a successful track record building a new ecosystem and infrastructure from the ground up.