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Nov 29, 2019

Virtual Instruments recently evolved into Virtana and continues to deliver the industry's only real-time monitoring and AIOps platform for mission-critical IT infrastructure — from the data center to the public cloud.

Virtana is the result of products and technologies from several different companies coming together: Virtual Instruments, Load Dynamix, Xangati and most recently Metricly and Netuitive. The combination of these entities has allowed us to become a leading provider of hybrid infrastructure monitoring, analytics and automation solutions.

John Gentry, Chief Technology Officer and SVP Business Development at Virtana returns to the Tech Talks Daily Podcast to share his unique perspective on the latest buzz-worthy technology: AI-assisted IT operations, also known as AIOps.

Much like the hype cycle we experienced with the cloud a few years back, we're now moving past the buzzword phase and into the reality of meaningful "smart technology" initiatives such as AIOps. John has witnessed that people are slowly but surely understanding that this technology may not be the 'easy button' they initially thought it was, but he can also speak to the value of true AIOps for helping companies maintain their extremely complex IT systems, thus resolving IT issues before a single customer is impacted.

John also talks about the rebranding of the company and their mission to provide unprecedented visibility into the performance, health, and utilization of hybrid IT infrastructure — empowering their customers to guarantee the performance and availability of their mission-critical applications and proactively prevent application slowdowns and outages.