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Oct 19, 2016

New Features Information Not Available Anywhere Else, Enabling Anyone to Turn Their Relationships Into Competitive Edge.

Any business owners listening to this show who want to work with influential people or companies are faced with an uphill struggle to get those contacts and begin building meaningful relationships.

For example, if you wanted to reach the top 100 people at Apple, Google or Amazon where you would start?

Linkedin sounds perfect but what if the people you need do not have a social presence?

Relationship Science – the highly-coveted business development technology that has raised more than $120 million from some of the most prominent people on Wall Street – is for the first time announcing that it will make its exclusive database on more than 5 million executives available to the public.

Now, the company is competing directly with LinkedIn by making its database available to the masses. Still sold through subscriptions to large corporations, Relationship Science will now be available directly to individuals on a new consumer website.

I invited CEO at Relationship Science Neil Goldman to find out more.