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Feb 28, 2017

Techstars Music is a three-month, mentorship-driven startup accelerator program. Each year, they invest $120k into each of the most interesting music-related startups from around the world.

They also provide office space in Los Angeles and access to artists and executives from all facets of the global music business. Techstars Music is supported financially and strategically by the following member companies: Sony Music, Warner Music Group, and SONOS to name but a few. 

So after traveling the world searching for the best music startups across our planet, Techstars Music recently revealed their Inaugural Class Of 11 Startups.

Class of 2017

Amper  - New York City, NY

Amper empowers anyone to create unique, professional music for their content. With Amper, you can create this music instantly, with no experience required. We’ve combined the highest quality sample libraries with AI to compose royalty-free score on demand.

Hurdl Nashville, TN
Hurdl increases fan engagement and revenue at live events with a unique LED wearable that allows artists, teams and event planners a new 1:1 communication network with both the known and unknown ticket holder.

JAAK London, United Kingdom

JAAK uses blockchain tech to connect music, metadata and rights information. Our goal is to provide real-time consumption data and a standardized framework for low-cost licensing.

Pacemaker Stockholm, Sweden

Pacemaker provides a simple and portable mixtape creation and social consumption experience, powered by the proprietary file format the Recipe, Pacemaker’s Mix Engine and AI DJ technology.

Pippa New York City, NY

Pippa makes podcasting simpler, smarter, and more profitable by enabling targeted ads to be delivered dynamically to listeners.

PopGun Brisbane, Australia

PopGun is a generative music company that measures success indicators from streaming services. We then use that data to train AIs to write music to match consumer habits. 

Robin Toronto, Canada

Robin is a personal concierge for concerts and live events. Robin reserves and secures tickets on behalf of fans while providing real-time demand data to artists and event organizers.

Shimmur Los Angeles, CA

Shimmur is a social platform that makes it easy for artists and influencers to have quality interactions with fans. Shimmur flips how social apps usually work; on Shimmur, tribes of fans work together to create content and artists and influencers react and comment.

Superpowered Austin, TX & Budapest, Hungary

The Superpowered Audio SDK provides real-time, low-latency audio rendering for games, VR, music and interactive audio applications on mobile and wearable devices.

SyncSpot London, United Kingdom

SyncSpot uses an AI assistant to create and fulfill free-gift media rewards for point-of-purchase retail promotions. Example: Buy product X, get a free music subscription.

Weav New York City, NY & London, United Kingdom

Weav makes adaptive music via an artist remix console, and we will be the supplier of bio-metric-driven music to workout apps, dance studios, exercise equipment manufacturers and action sports products.

Guest Info

Bob Moczydlowsky (@bobmoz)