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Oct 10, 2017

Guruwalk is a new start-up that is rapidly growing and connecting travelers to anyone that wants to become a free tour guide. The platforms mission is simple, "To build a global community for travelers to have great experiences all around the world and become the reference marketplace for hiring local tour guides."

However, the startup is also using the platform to help people in need, who are passionate about history and culture, by allowing them to earn money thanks to the donations received after the tours. These are just a few reasons why their first efforts are mainly focused in developing countries because it where they can add more value to society.

In six months of travel 180 local guides spread over 55 cities in the world. Although the tours are free, the average tip per tourist is €10, which is a big help for local guides of the most disadvantaged areas in the world.

I chat to Juan Castillo, a young serial entrepreneur from Spain about his travel startup called GuruWalk and how he is helping to deliver free walking tours all over the world.