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Oct 14, 2017

BioConnect is a technology company with a fundamentally different approach to "identity." The BioConnect Identity Platform provides secure, frictionless biometric authentication that works across any channel.

BioConnect’s team strongly believes in the importance of flexibility and consumer choice in verifying identity. Consumers want to decide whether to capture their fingerprint, be prompted to speak, scan their eyes, or enter a password.

Merchants and banks also need choices in the way that consumers are authenticated – from who you are to what you do, anywhere across the globe, using any device. By broadening the universe of authentication options, BioConnect provides a level of trust that does not yet exist in the market today

I speak with Rob Douglas, Chairman & CEO, BioConnect about the “Quest for Rightful Identity.” He felt it was his purpose in life to serve a cause bigger than a company. His founding belief was that the 7 billion people on this planet are better served to prove their rightful identity by being themselves for every transaction in life. What happens to your day when you cannot remember your password or have lost your key or card?

With his strong business acumen, Rob sees the impact to fraud and operational friction to corporations, financial institutions, healthcare, education and government organizations that would save billions in costs if they simply interacted with people.