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Sep 18, 2018

Keith Ryu, Founder and CEO of Fountain, a hiring and onboarding platform for hourly workers explores some of the hottest industry trends affecting the gig economy.

On today's tech podcast we discuss the following topics and how technology is reshaping the global workforce.

  • Issues facing shareable bikes and scooters like Bird, LimeBike and Spin
  • Staffing and recruiting problems facing Lyft, Uber, etc.
  • The emerging conversation around gig workers’ rights
  • Measuring the effect of the emerging gig economy on the U.S.’ workforce
  • The ongoing delivery battle between Amazon and the USPS
  • Finding the balance of tech talent across your HR departments

About Fountain

Fountain is the leading mid-market and enterprise Hiring Platform for Hourly Workers, built for speed and scale, that is backed by over $11M in venture capital.

Fountain is designed specifically to help address the challenges around high-volume, high-velocity, and high-turnover recruiting within retail, delivery, food/beverage, manufacturing, hospitality, etc.

The world's most forward-thinking companies, including Uber, Safeway, Deliveroo, John Lewis, Grubhub, rely on Fountain to power its large-scale employee hiring and contractor vetting operations.

Since inception, teams across 50 countries have used Fountain to save millions of work-hours, communicate with more than 4MM+ applicants, and provide 400,000 real people with jobs.