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May 29, 2019

Autonomic is building the first open cloud-based platform that connects and empowers tomorrow’s mobility systems. The Transportation Mobility Cloud will connect the diverse components of urban mobility systems — connected vehicles, mass transit, pedestrians, city infrastructure, and service providers — with the goal of orchestrating a safer, more efficient and sustainable transportation network.

Autonomic’s Transportation Mobility Cloud (TMC) also enables any developer or automaker to easily build new transportations experiences with APIs that provide vehicle data and driver behavior. These new experiences include routing self-driving cars, managing fleets or helping residents plan transit journeys.

It is a flexible and secure platform that provides the necessary building blocks for smart mobility applications, such as routing self-driving cars, managing large-scale fleets or helping residents plan transit journeys. Since launch in 2016, the TMC has already been adopted by companies like rideOS (AV mapping and routing), Spin (micro-mobility), and Alibaba Cloud (connected cars in China).

The startup was acquired by Ford last year. I wanted to find out more about how the future of the company and how Autonomic is connecting the fragmented transportation ecosystem.

Gavin Sherry, CEO of Autonomic joins me on my daily tech podcast. We discuss the constant stream of new players in mobility and how collaboration, not competition is the key to an efficient and sustainable transportation network.

Gavin is a passionate technology and business leader with experience in cloud, distributed systems and database systems. Prior to Autonomic, he was Vice President of Engineering at Pivotal, and led the Greenplum Database R&D group.