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Oct 8, 2019

Commonwealth Joe Coffee Roasters is a leading tech-enabled specialty coffee company offering full-service, kegged beverage programs with Nitro Cold Brew and other craft beverages on tap. With one coffee roasting machine, three friends from college, and his mother, CWJ's current Master Roaster, Julia Peck, Commonwealth Joe Coffee Roasters, was born.

Earlier this year, Commonwealth Joe raised $4M in funding to invest in Kegerator vending machines, which are created by Smart Beverage Technologies. They leverage the latest advancements in telemetry and workflow automation to deliver beverages to CWJ's partners. But I wanted to learn more about what smart beverage technology is and how technology is transforming the coffee machines in offices throughout the US.

Alex Kilkka, Chief Technology Officer at Commonwealth Joe joins me on my daily tech podcast to reveal more about how they are using tech to transform beverages.