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Mar 19, 2021

Today, with massive numbers of connected devices and as industries transform to deliver truly innovative services and experiences all connected to the web – from voice assistant devices and video streaming platforms to connected and autonomous cars – the delivery and protection of data over the internet to offer a seamless experience is more critical than ever.

In light of this, I invited Michael Gooding from Akamai Technologies on the podcast. Akamai is the world's largest cloud delivery platform. It is crucial for many companies, from gaming and mobile networks to tech firms and manufacturers, as a result of its Edge platform and Content Delivery Network, which ensures customers and businesses are agile, fast, and secure.

With its vast network, Akamai has unique security and web performance offering. Its experts can view and defend businesses from the growing attacks against armies of bots around the globe. Michael Gooding joins me in a conversation about the importance of edge computing (Scalability & performance).

We also talk about the history of edge computing, bandwidth restrictions at the core of the internet, and the exponential growth of devices.