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Jul 3, 2020

Stress-related mental and physical health issues are on the rise. Despite an abundance of mindfulness apps, and a rise in the popularity of meditation and yoga, effective relaxation is harder than ever to achieve and not something easily mastered in a short time. Stefan Chmelik has designed and developed a small, pebble-like wearable that can offer users deep immediate relaxation to help fight everyday stress and anxieties - in just 10 mins per day called Sensate.

New wearable targets vagus nerve to improve health and reduce stress, Sensate was originally created for PTSD sufferers but is now available for everyone. Its game-changing Infrasound (low-frequency vibration) Resonance Engine transmits sound at multiple frequencies for immediate relaxation.

BioSelf Technology has developed pioneering, clinically validated, wearable technology that offers a solution for a time-poor generation to the exponentially growing stress pandemic. More than ever, the world needs a shortcut to emotional regulation in this global crisis. Regular relaxation and meditation are well established as the most effective ways to self-manage stress; however, few people have the time to learn or practice this important skill. But how can tech help?

Stefan shares how BioSelf, the company behind Sensate created a paradigm-shifting wearable device that decelerates stress in real-time. I learn how it also uses Patent Pending novel technology, which was developed and has been in operation in a Harley Street clinic over the last three years with highly successful patient results.