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Feb 27, 2020

In this featured partner series called Citrix Ready podcasts, I explore the technology integrations that Citrix has with its partners. In this series, I invite guests from Citrix and their partners to spend some time with me to share how they are solving real-world problems for businesses. Not on their own but by working together.

In this episode of the Citrix Ready Podcast series, I explore how Citrix and Traitware are working together to solve real-world problems for businesses. I hear how customers are leveraging Traitware to provide insights to admins on the key utilization of the apps and tasks users perform within.

Secure login by Traitware® replaces usernames, passwords and PINs. Thereby, TraitWare® reduces identity theft and transaction fraud. More importantly, we improve the user experience. Improved user experience drives adoption of security best practices.

Heath Spencer, CEO-CMO Traitware believes in positive outcomes that work for all involved and no matter what challenge may come his way, his competitive nature will ensure success. He is the former Founder and CEO of Full Throttle Tahoe LLC and has extensive sales and marketing experience with Chase International.

As a Technical Marketing Manager at Citrix, Anil Kumar is responsible for Building and owning an Ecosystem of Networking, Security, and Cloud technology partners. He is also a subject matter expert on the Citrix cloud, networking and security products, and services. Anil is also responsible for developing and managing a test infrastructure in-house/on-prem and on Cloud for proof of concepts and for partner product verifications

Together, we discuss how Traitware is bringing its next-gen authentication to the Citrix Market Place. The Passwordless login is already here and bringing an alternative to credential management and risk. We also discuss how Traitware can substantially increase security while simplifying access to digital and physical resources through the elimination of the need for traditional usernames and passwords.

I also explore the evolution of Citrix Workspace and how Citrix is helping to power a smarter, more flexible way to work. With credential phishing being tied to traditional credential management, we talk about how Citrix and Traitware are working together to create an alternative future of authentication. Passwordless MFA and its advantages in Virtual environments are just one of many topics we cover in today's podcast.