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Jan 10, 2016

The 2016 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas unveiled many mouth watering products this year. For example we learned how Drones will soon be filling the skies and forget Uber, you will even be able to pilot your own drone later the year!

  • Driverless cars will be frequenting the roads of the future, and there was even a 1000 horse powered Batmobile
  • Fitbit launched a smart watch to take the fight to Apple
  • TV screens that you can roll up like a newspaper
  • Oculus Rift revealed how VR has now become a reality

Meanwhile, forget IOT its time for the internet of everything as smart homes, life logging and baby tech all ensure that nearly everything in our lives will all connect to the internet.

I invited Special guest Danielle Storey who is the chief innovation officer and co-founder at Smarter Technology Solutions to give me her overview of the biggest tech show on earth.